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Labor Temps, Inc. is a staffing service specializing in industrial labor. We guarantee the performance of our employees. If you're not 100% satisfied just contact us and we'll make it right.

Our Warehouse & Distribution Service Expertise Includes

Certified Flaggers
Construction Clean-up
Forklift Operators
Maintenance Technicians
Picker Packers
Material Handlers
Shipping Receiving Clerks
Stock Room Clerks
Warehouse Workers

Looking for work?

Competitive Pay $
Labor Temps, Inc. strives to pay a competitive wage for the work being performed.
Apply Today for one of our Skilled, Semi-Skilled or General Labor positions!
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The 24-Hour Paycheck $
Labor Temps, Inc. offers your paycheck within 24 hours of your completed job (with the exception of Friday work, in which you’ll received your check the following week). We make it fast and convenient for our employees to get the money that they work hard for.

Need quality workers?

Staffing Positions
Call 24 Hours a day for one of our Skilled, Semi-Skilled or General Laborers!
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Eliminate Expensive Alternatives
No overtime – No productivity decrease – No increase in error – No premium wages
Eliminate the Cost of Hiring & Layoffs
No expensive Advertising – No Recruiting – No Evaluating – No Testing – No Qualifying
Our Workers Arrive On Time
Workers report to us first! We Qualify, Brief & Furnish to you with the right equipment.
You Get the # of Employees You Ordered!
Orders accepted 24 hours in advance will receive our full-fill rate guarantee. Emergency orders receive priority attention with progress reports every 20 minutes.
Payroll Solutions
We will handle the payroll of any or all individuals you currently have working for you. When using our payroll services, we will guarantee in writing that your payroll will be met promptly and will always be funded.
Performance Guarantee
Besides our full-fill rate guarantee, we guarantee our temporary employees performance! We understand problems occur and we will handle them promptly and efficiently.

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